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I wanted to lose weight and to be healthy because I have prolonged Pcod and diagnosed with high cholesterol and pre-diabetes.  The reason I went to Rishi was, I have seen my family friends following his programme, and they have a healthy lifestyle.

What's unique about Rishi's way of working is his excellent weight loss program. Very easy to follow. He gave me more to eat than I ate before he wouldn’t unnecessarily restrict diet but improve it. He prefers getting full body checkup. Looking at the reports, he decides to increase/decrease in food intake. And the best part is easy to connect with him .-all time available on Whatsapp app and reply instantly.

I have achieved 5kgs weight loss in less than three months. My PCOD is solved. My cholesterol level has become normal. My insulin level has been balanced.

I lost weight by eating healthy. I feel energetic throughout the day. It's been wonderful being with him on my journey n gain knowledge about food .but by joining his programme, i do not only lose weight, but I achieved best of health n also in a happy state of mind!

Shilpa Agarwal

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