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The reason I consulted Rishi was my excess weight and my knee pain.  I was unable to lose weight despite all the exercises in the world and my way of cutting on calories.

I was highly recommended by a dear friend, who herself produced results with Rishi. Also, Rishi is a highly respected leader with Landmark Worldwide. 'TRUST' is a word associated with him for the longest of time.

As a client, I get this experience as if his whole day gets spent in taking care of me only, though I know it for the fact that he heads a very successful business enterprise on online services too with an equally big team. Still, his promptness of reply, deep understanding of individual needs, vast knowledge of his subject, forgiveness for my mistakes-literally 'HOLDING HANDS' through my weight loss journey is what, which has kept me motivated and on track. I could never have believed that 'DIETING' could be so much fun. I am eating 4 -6 times the items that I would typically eat in a day. At times I resort to saying- I am not going to eat so much- I will eat only this much.

My key achievements:
1) I achieved my target weight loss of 7 kg in 45 days ( From 71 kg-64 kg). 
2) And I still have 30 more days left in my program. 
3) All my favourite clothes have started fitting again. 
4) I can dream of buying western clothes without feeling embarrassed. 
5) My knee pain is gone. 
6) My limping is gone. 
7) I am sleeping very well. 
8) I am getting lots of compliments. 
9) There is no wrinkling of skin as you may worry with weight loss. 
10) I am moving very fine. 
11) I am quickly observing fasting following his instructions- Fasting is something I have never done in 48 years of my life. On top of that, I know he is there, and he is listening. AND MUCH MORE

I would recommend Rishi for your health and fitness.

Dr Himani Gupta

Consultant Gynecologist & Obstetrician


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