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Brown Rice Masala Dosa (Healthy & Great for weight Loss) -

Brown Rice Masala Dosa (Healthy & Great for weight Loss) -

Serving Size: Two-person

One person can have Two Dosas

Nutritional Value in Two Dosas

Energy: 285 Kcal

Protein: 7 gm

Carb.: 43 gm

Fat: 10 gm

Ingredients :

- Brown Rice Raw - 75 gm

- Urad Dal Raw - 25 gm

- 2 gram Methi seeds

- Cooking Oil - 5 gm

- 200 gram shredded veggies of your choice

- 1 teaspoon soya sauce

- 1 teaspoon chili sauce

- Chopped ginger (as per taste)

- Chopped garlic (as per taste)

- Salt as per taste

Preparation -

- In a bowl, add 75gram Brown Rice, 25gram Urad Dal, and 2 grams Methi seeds and wash the ingredients with water. Then add a glass of water and soak the ingredients for the next 7-8 hours.

- Strain the water and grind the soaked ingredients to make a batter. Add some salt to the batter as per taste (add little water while grinding).

- Keep the batter in a tight container for the next 7-8 hours for fermentation.

Meanwhile, let's prepare a Masala for the dosa

  • Heat a pan

  • Add 5-gram oil to the pan.

  • Add some chopped garlic

  • Add some chopped ginger

  • Saute for few seconds

  • Add 200-gram shredded Veggies to the pan

  • Saute again for a few seconds

  • Add salt as per taste

  • Saute and Put a lid on the pan for few seconds

  • Add one teaspoon soya sauce

  • Add one teaspoon chili sauce

  • Saute, and your masala is ready

Make a Dosa

  • Spread the batter on a Non-stick pan

  • Spray little oil on the dosa

  • Add gun powder masala on dosa for taste

  • Spread masala

  • Let the dosa become crisp

You are ready to serve your super healthy low-calorie masala dosa.

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